Playing soccer

Since the weather was fine last days and I assumed it will not last very long I started playing soccer in some teams. I have played three times now, 2 losses, 1 win, just a warmup ;) Because I am extremely skilled it was very easy to join teams ;) Now I’ve joined Ajax at the intramural soccer league of the University of Swansea and a team that plays on artificial grass with boards on It’s like the LaolaHalle in Erlangen and very funny, but outside. After winning the UniversityCup in Bamberg I will now try to win the Cup in Swansea with Ajax, but I suppose it will be very hard since we are not one of the best teams, but its just for fun anyway and its good to play with them. We watched Germany versus Wales, so the whole last two weeks had been about soccer.

Here are some easy football expressions you need for playing …

Man on, Cross, Switch, Challenge, Tackling, Header, options, foot, kick it …

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