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Haka – War Dance Rugby

During computing some net present values today and reading an article for Tuesdays exam I also watched the rugby game Wales versus New Zealand at the Millenium Stadium on the internet. Afterwards I looked at some haka dances on youtube. I found two really good ones, have a look ;)

Haka – New Zealand Vs Tonga

The Original Haka ;)

Unfortunately Wales lost 9 – 29 today ;(

Next year I really want to watch a rugby match at the millenium stadium in cardiff, which has about 75,000 seats.

Exams and Assignments

On Tuesday, the 25th of November, I take my first important exam. It’ll be a multiple choice test about the module Marketing Principles with 20 questions and four answers for each question. If you get the wrong answer you will get negative marks :/ This assignment is worth 40% of the whole module. Afterwards I have to hand a coursework in for Corporate Finance on the 28th of November. Finally I am going to program the game rock paper scissors with Java/Eclipse so that it is possilbe to play this game on the Internet with lots of people. Deadline for this program is the 12th of December. 

On January, after the christmas break, there will be six exams for every module. They take place on the campus from the 12th of January to the 26th of January. Unluckily I also have exams on Saturdays ;(

Since I was out the last months and enjoyed life, now I have to stay in a little bit more, save some money and study! Afterwards when I had done hard work I will suppose to get some A-Levels ;)

Management – Concepts and Practice

On our Friday’s tutorial there was a great discussion about the unequal merge of Daimler Benz and Chrysler. After the merge has failed and Chrysler has been sold off, our lecturer Ms Anne MacDonnell tried to explain the situation like this:  

Once you divorce your wife you are not allowed to park your car in her garage any more.

Laughter occured and I strongly belief she has swapped some things ;)

Chepstow & Tintern Abbey

Sarah, a german girl from the University of Mannheim asked if I am in for a daytrip to Chepstow and Tintern Abbey. Hence Kathleen and me joined the trip. We did not know when we are leaving in the morning, because I replied to Sarah too late. Last trip we started at 8, that’s why we (Kathleen and me) got up at 7 in the morning to be ready at 8 … unluckily there were no lights at Sarah’s house and no answer after calling her. Eventually, after waiting for 2 hours and having a long breakfast we started our trip at 10. Chepstow is a very old and small city with a museum, a church and some red callboxes ;) Tintern Abbey is a great ruin you can go through. For more information just follow the links. Sarah and Kathleen made some pictures, I suppose they are civil and give me some photos the next days ;)

Guy Fawkes Night

Last Wednesday we celebrated the Guy Fawkes Night on the beach with the Erasmus Society and lots of other people. Nearly every 20 metres some locals or students made a bonfire or fired off some rockets. Luckily it was not too cold and we could warm up at the bonfire. Height of the evening was the firework in the stadium, but everyone watched it from the beach. This firework took about half an hour, however it definitely cant keep up with the „Haberloh“ firework. 

On this link you can see some pictures from Thomas:

Here is a small movie of the firework …


Celebrating Halloween

It is amazing how the British celebrate Halloween. I had been out on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Especially on Friday and Saturday nearly everybody was dressed up. There was no character you could not have seen down town. On Wednesday I had a football match and since we won the match I joined my mates going out. At the end after we got drunk in wind street I got lost at Jumpin Jacks with my footbal teammates ;) But what happens on tour stays on tour ^^ On Friday and Saturday I joined two house parties. All the rooms were decorated with halloween style and as I already mentioned before nearly everyone had costumes. 

The next upcoming event you should be dressed is the beer race. It is a charity performance. You have to join a team and dress up. Afterwards you go to all the pubs located in wind street and in every pub each team member has to drink the half of a pint. The fastest team wins, but since it is for charity, the main aim is to have fun and pay some money for the beer. 

On the next Wednesday, the 5th of November there is the Guy Fawkes Night . There will be lots of bonfires and a firework you can watch at the beach. If it is not too cold for me I will go to this event and look at the firework with some friends.

National Pool of Swansea

Yesterday I was swimming at the national pool of Swansea. It is located in the Sports Village of the University. It takes me a 15 minutes walk by foot. After swimming approximately half an hour and little more then 1km i was exhausted and went back, but had a a long warm shower before ;)

Today I read in the newspaper that I beat the lane records ;P

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