Celebrating Halloween

It is amazing how the British celebrate Halloween. I had been out on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Especially on Friday and Saturday nearly everybody was dressed up. There was no character you could not have seen down town. On Wednesday I had a football match and since we won the match I joined my mates going out. At the end after we got drunk in wind street I got lost at Jumpin Jacks with my footbal teammates ;) But what happens on tour stays on tour ^^ On Friday and Saturday I joined two house parties. All the rooms were decorated with halloween style and as I already mentioned before nearly everyone had costumes. 

The next upcoming event you should be dressed is the beer race. It is a charity performance. You have to join a team and dress up. Afterwards you go to all the pubs located in wind street and in every pub each team member has to drink the half of a pint. The fastest team wins, but since it is for charity, the main aim is to have fun and pay some money for the beer. 

On the next Wednesday, the 5th of November there is the Guy Fawkes Night . There will be lots of bonfires and a firework you can watch at the beach. If it is not too cold for me I will go to this event and look at the firework with some friends.

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