Chepstow & Tintern Abbey

Sarah, a german girl from the University of Mannheim asked if I am in for a daytrip to Chepstow and Tintern Abbey. Hence Kathleen and me joined the trip. We did not know when we are leaving in the morning, because I replied to Sarah too late. Last trip we started at 8, that’s why we (Kathleen and me) got up at 7 in the morning to be ready at 8 … unluckily there were no lights at Sarah’s house and no answer after calling her. Eventually, after waiting for 2 hours and having a long breakfast we started our trip at 10. Chepstow is a very old and small city with a museum, a church and some red callboxes ;) Tintern Abbey is a great ruin you can go through. For more information just follow the links. Sarah and Kathleen made some pictures, I suppose they are civil and give me some photos the next days ;)

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