Exams and Assignments

On Tuesday, the 25th of November, I take my first important exam. It’ll be a multiple choice test about the module Marketing Principles with 20 questions and four answers for each question. If you get the wrong answer you will get negative marks :/ This assignment is worth 40% of the whole module. Afterwards I have to hand a coursework in for Corporate Finance on the 28th of November. Finally I am going to program the game rock paper scissors with Java/Eclipse so that it is possilbe to play this game on the Internet with lots of people. Deadline for this program is the 12th of December. 

On January, after the christmas break, there will be six exams for every module. They take place on the campus from the 12th of January to the 26th of January. Unluckily I also have exams on Saturdays ;(

Since I was out the last months and enjoyed life, now I have to stay in a little bit more, save some money and study! Afterwards when I had done hard work I will suppose to get some A-Levels ;)

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