Trip to Bristol and Bath

Last weekend I was on a sightseeing tour with other german girls I got to know in Swansea. We had two cars and were 10 people. First we arrived at Bath and looked at the old city, the Roman Bath and some churches. There have been a lot of performances on the street that had formed big crowds. At the end we also visited the traditional Burger King ;)

Afterwards we got to Bristol to have a look at the university and to go shopping at a new big shopping centre. I bought a new jacket due to the fact that my last one got stolen and some other stuff. 

We got home about 10 pm and finished the day with going downtown to revolution and coming back approximately at 3. In summary it was a long and hard day, but worth doing it. Bristol and Bath is located in the South of the Uk and does not belong to Wales. The next time I want to visit Cardiff, it is propably the biggest city in Wales and not far away from Swansea.

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