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All About Rugby and Football

Having a coffe at Starbucks on last Monday I decided with some friends to buy some tickets for the FA Cup tie of Swansea versus Premier League team Fulham. Due to Valentines day and the rugby match of Wales against England in the Six Nations Cup it was not already sold out. It was a great atmosphere in the stadium, a close and tense match. Unfortunately Swansea’s performance was just enough for a draw, but they should have deserved a win, since they made the game and scored both goals (one own goal) …

Afterwards whole Wales went delirious because of the rugby match. Every Pub was packed with Welsh people shouting for their team. We headed into The Mills, enjoyed some beer and the win over England. Honestly England performed very well and it was not an easy game for Wales, but however they won the match. I would like to play rugby some time, but I think it took me some seconds to get injured badly, so I will just watch ;)

On Tuesday David and Anna-Lena are visiting me. I am looking forward to see them and hope we are having a good time. That’s why I will take it easy the next days, have to tidy and get as much sleep as possible before …

Snowy Swansea

The day started not too good when I woke up a little bit late for university. I had been shortly in the bathroom, rushed downstairs, drank a tea, ate some cheese and took a banana. Then I went off the house to head to my first lecture at 11.Surprisingly it had snowed a lot during the night and that’s why I was even more annoyed because it took me longer to get to university. Luckily mostly every student who had lecture was outside the streets and told me that there will probably no lectures today because of the snow fall. Okay, I went back to my house and checked my emails.

All lectures cancelled

I took on my gloves, made a snowman in front of our house with Thaya and later on I went to the Singleton Park near the Campus with Thaya, Kathleen, Caro and Jane. We had a nice walk and snowball fight and got back at about  half one. It was amazing seeing all the students beeing happy because of the snow. In Swansea it is really uncommon that there will be snow, so everyone was „happily surprised“. I think today mostly no one worked, the university just announced on their website following statement … 

Due to the adverse weather Swansea University is Closed 03 February. All university buildings are closed until further notice. Please check back for more news as the situation changes.

Instead Felix had to go to University in Dublin ;)

completely askew but one of the best in the street ;)

completely askew but one of the best in the street ;)

Last days before Christmas!

What happened the last days before I went back home to Germany for Christmas and New Years Eve? Actually I don’t remember much at all since it is already mostly two months ago. But I try to mention the most important things.

Internet Computing Coursework: The deadline of my coursework was the last day of university. Hence I did not too much before and had lots of work to  do at the end. However I did quite well and could hand In the coursework 8 hours before the deadline. I think in Germany I never ever had handed In a work soo early ;) btw… I got the best possible mark *happy* ;)

SnowBall: It is essentially the same as Christmas Clubbing in Bamberg. There’s a dress code so the girls dress up and the boys wear suits and ties. I had to get up early to get the tickets from the Office for the Snowball. Afterwards I enjoyed a haircut and went to some lectures I had to go. Straight from the lectures I had to head to the City Centre to get a suit. When I had finished my preparations for the evening I had no time to have a propper supper in the evening. I strongly believe that is the reason why I got really drunk at this evening ;) But it was an amazing night out in Oceana with lots of friends!



London: My family (unluckily without my father) visited me the last days in Swansea. I showed them the university, we enjoyed a dinner at „Oriental Garden“, went to the City Centre and on Thursday evening I went out with my sister to SinCity (student night). Afterwards we drove to Bristol with my car and from there took the bus to London. We spent 3 days in London and had been sightseeing all 3 days. Very exhausted at the end we „flew back“ from Stansted to Nuremberg. From there on I drove back to our house to Lauf, for sure, I did not forget driving on the right side!

Umbrella ContestTelephone Box ClaudiaTelephone Box Michi

Killing the Exams or Piece of Cake?

If some person asks you about your exams you should not reply with

„They have been a piece of cake“

Why that? Well, you could get another questions like

„How many pieces of cake?“ or

„Was it a big piece of cake or a small one?“.

If the exams went well, you want to impress and answer confidently you have to say:

„I killed the paper!“

This is also an universal statement everyone understands and not a British Saying … Thanks to Mohammed for this great lesson late at night in our living room ;)

New Term Begins

The Examination week of the first term was really horrible. Revising all the day at the library and having lots of coffee to be awake. However I met lots of people in the library and could talk to them during breaks …  After I had finished my exams on Friday, the 23rd, I had whole two days to recover for the next term. Unluckily I did not just recover, but also went out so I could not visit all lectures the first week ;) Anyway I am looking forward to the new modules, I changed one module and have lots of Computer Science this term. My modules are …

  • Human Ressource Management
  • Management – Concepts & Practice
  • Generics and Design Patterns in Java
  • Building Reliable Web Applications
  • Data Communication and Computer Networks
  • Cryptography and IT-Security
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