Snowy Swansea

The day started not too good when I woke up a little bit late for university. I had been shortly in the bathroom, rushed downstairs, drank a tea, ate some cheese and took a banana. Then I went off the house to head to my first lecture at 11.Surprisingly it had snowed a lot during the night and that’s why I was even more annoyed because it took me longer to get to university. Luckily mostly every student who had lecture was outside the streets and told me that there will probably no lectures today because of the snow fall. Okay, I went back to my house and checked my emails.

All lectures cancelled

I took on my gloves, made a snowman in front of our house with Thaya and later on I went to the Singleton Park near the Campus with Thaya, Kathleen, Caro and Jane. We had a nice walk and snowball fight and got back at about  half one. It was amazing seeing all the students beeing happy because of the snow. In Swansea it is really uncommon that there will be snow, so everyone was „happily surprised“. I think today mostly no one worked, the university just announced on their website following statement … 

Due to the adverse weather Swansea University is Closed 03 February. All university buildings are closed until further notice. Please check back for more news as the situation changes.

Instead Felix had to go to University in Dublin ;)

completely askew but one of the best in the street ;)

completely askew but one of the best in the street ;)

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