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Having a coffe at Starbucks on last Monday I decided with some friends to buy some tickets for the FA Cup tie of Swansea versus Premier League team Fulham. Due to Valentines day and the rugby match of Wales against England in the Six Nations Cup it was not already sold out. It was a great atmosphere in the stadium, a close and tense match. Unfortunately Swansea’s performance was just enough for a draw, but they should have deserved a win, since they made the game and scored both goals (one own goal) …

Afterwards whole Wales went delirious because of the rugby match. Every Pub was packed with Welsh people shouting for their team. We headed into The Mills, enjoyed some beer and the win over England. Honestly England performed very well and it was not an easy game for Wales, but however they won the match. I would like to play rugby some time, but I think it took me some seconds to get injured badly, so I will just watch ;)

On Tuesday David and Anna-Lena are visiting me. I am looking forward to see them and hope we are having a good time. That’s why I will take it easy the next days, have to tidy and get as much sleep as possible before …

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