Last days before Christmas!

What happened the last days before I went back home to Germany for Christmas and New Years Eve? Actually I don’t remember much at all since it is already mostly two months ago. But I try to mention the most important things.

Internet Computing Coursework: The deadline of my coursework was the last day of university. Hence I did not too much before and had lots of work to  do at the end. However I did quite well and could hand In the coursework 8 hours before the deadline. I think in Germany I never ever had handed In a work soo early ;) btw… I got the best possible mark *happy* ;)

SnowBall: It is essentially the same as Christmas Clubbing in Bamberg. There’s a dress code so the girls dress up and the boys wear suits and ties. I had to get up early to get the tickets from the Office for the Snowball. Afterwards I enjoyed a haircut and went to some lectures I had to go. Straight from the lectures I had to head to the City Centre to get a suit. When I had finished my preparations for the evening I had no time to have a propper supper in the evening. I strongly believe that is the reason why I got really drunk at this evening ;) But it was an amazing night out in Oceana with lots of friends!



London: My family (unluckily without my father) visited me the last days in Swansea. I showed them the university, we enjoyed a dinner at „Oriental Garden“, went to the City Centre and on Thursday evening I went out with my sister to SinCity (student night). Afterwards we drove to Bristol with my car and from there took the bus to London. We spent 3 days in London and had been sightseeing all 3 days. Very exhausted at the end we „flew back“ from Stansted to Nuremberg. From there on I drove back to our house to Lauf, for sure, I did not forget driving on the right side!

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