Brynmill Dragons Cup Winner



Who are Brynmill Dragons?

8 lads founded a squad for the university 5-a-side tournament, most players have the origin of a 5-a-side student team playing every Sunday on, so we knew already how to play together. Especially after the tournament the Brynmill Dragons are a well-known team in Swansea that would deserve an entry on wikipedia ;)

Why Brynmill Dragons?

Mostly everyone lives in the surrounding area of Brynmill. The Dragon comes from the national Welsh Dragon.

Tournament History

The Cup was made up of two leagues, the best four sides of each league succeeded to play the finals on one day. Every second tuesday we had to play in our league. At the end we one 10 , just drew 1 and lost 0 games. The finals were scheduled on a single day and unfortunately I was much too late with tony, gerard missed his plane (really), micha was injured and mohamed could not make it due to misterious reasons (i am not serious) ;) . Moreover Denise came 15 minutes too late. Thus we were afraid of getting straight knocked out in the quarter finale, because we had no warm up and had no subs for all matches. Bad start, good ending … We won both quarter and semi finale. We were already back by two in the finale after three minutes, yet by fighting, putting as much effort as possible in the last game and remaining smart we could win the match with 4 to 3. We scored two goals within the last minute …

What did we win?

There is a tournament trophy on which our name will be engraved, furthermore every member got a medal and we got a pack of hydro active water that is mostly emptied already …


Thanks to Bryan, Denise, Tony, Freddy, Gerard, Mohamed and Micha

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