Monthly Archives: Mai 2009

RoadTrip Pictures

I have uploaded a couple of pictures from our roadtrip in april … you can see them here 

Full Photoalbum

Revising HRM & Twitter & Shelfari

Apologize for lazyness … since i am revising for my exams I forgot about all the other stuff. 

There will still come up a story and some pictures of the road trip with christoph and pete and I should tell a lot of more what happened the last months.

Anyway here is the result of my performance for this days learning human resource management by heart is a good social community regarding to bookworms – thats where i get my next recommendation for a new book to read. tells all of your friends what you are doing just right now – a bit senseless though 

TheInbetweeners is absolutely weird and strange, though everybody watches it.

There is a smurf party organised by some student fellows who want to break the guinnes world record … and we already bought the tickets and costumes …

Well … Human Resource Management is tomorrow at 9.30 am and I am not really looking foward to it ;)

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