Moving to Bamberg

It is about three months ago I took my last exams at the University of Swansea. I am currently moving from Lauf to Bamberg to continue studying my bachelor degree at the Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg. Since there are just a few lectures left that I have to study, it will be my last term, hopefully. I still have to write my bachelor thesis and decided to join working on an internet project so that there will be enough work to do. It sounds a bit strange, but I am really glad university starts in some weeks. Can’t wait anymore …

Before somebody asks me how I spent the last months, here is a quick answer. Besides lots of recreation (sunbathing,going out, relaxing, reading, etc…) I was visiting some friends (Celebrating the Birthday of Caro in Mainz, Visiting Lisa März in Rosenheim, Enjoying the marriage of my cousin Udo in Ulm, Relaxing for some days in Bamberg) and worked on a few internet projects (alter cine, Marketingclub-Nürnberg)  to get some new experience and money for the next months. Recently I was improving my own picture upload service on Probably in one or two weeks the new version will be available online, stay tuned!

Update: some pictures of my room

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