Back in Abertawe

I decided to join Kathleen and Caro on a trip to Swansea and travelled to Swansea for at least one week. I had great holidays and was far away from all the other problems. What a pity I am already back to real life ;)

The first day I met my football team Ajax Treesdown I played for last year and we beat the 7th University team with 4 to 1 in a league game on Wednesday afternoon. Afterwards we went out to Wind Street as usual ;) On Thursday I decided with Tony, James and Moses to go to London for one night. Luckily Tony had to sort something out in London, so we could back up our trip ;) It took us about 5 hours to drive to London, but finally it was worth every minute.  We met Alison, went to revolutions, then to a random club in Soho and at last joined a person playing saxophone in front of a boots store because we could not manage to get into another club anymore ;) On Saturday finally we could make our way to Uplands Diner and enjoyed some amazing food (see pictures). After having food I went shopping in Swansea, unluckily I had some problems with my credit card and they always had to phone to germany when I wanted to buy anything. I probably spent about an hour on waiting for the authorisation of my credit card … that is why I missed Primark at the end … Saturday evening we went out to Bank Statement, Pitchers & Pianos, Revolutions, Aspers (a casino, we won some money actually) and I ended up at the McDonalds for breakfast, sorry again to James, hope your shift the next day was not too bad ;) So Sunday we just watched some television, went for dinner to miahs (great buffet) and to Wind Street for a few coke(s) ;)   It was great to see you all again and I appreciated the warm welcome I got from every person.

Thanks to Tony, James and Ann for the accommodation. It was nice to see you all again, especially Alison, Thaya, Ann, James, Aled, Sam and the whole Ajax team. I hope I did not forget anyone. Otherwise please let me know ;) Once again special thanks to James who drove me to Port Talbot to catch the bus I missed in Swansea ;)

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