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Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt

Last weekend I have been at the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt with Jenny and Sam. Jenny invited me since Sam was around for a week and we wanted to have a good night out together. Allegedly it is the biggest wine festival of the world. Since every tent looked the same it was hard to find back if you had to go to the toilet. Sam almost got lost, took us around 45 minutes to find each other. Anyway it was big fun, we had a good time and  lots of wine … though the next time I stick to bavarian … I mean franconian beer ;).

Google Apps Calculator

You own a company

You must spend less money and save time.

How to do this?

Just join Google Apps! Assumed you have 10 employees your savings will bei $61,069 and 558 hours a year. If you do not believe it have a look here:

I do not believe it, actually. Would be great if things are as easy ;) However it is worth a try …

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