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Nürnberg 1 – Bremen 3

Um die Verhältnisse mal wieder zurechtzurücken und damit es keiner vergisst, erinnere ich noch einmal an das Spiel im Frankenstadion am 19. März ;)
Das Spiel war eher taktisch geprägt, auf mäßigem Niveau, aber dafür spannend und hektisch!

Und weil es so schön war noch ein kleines Video zum 3:1

19. Spieltag Bundesliga

Cebit daytrip on March the 4th

A few days ago I took part at „WIAI goes CeBIT“.
Here’s our tour in short:

  • Listening to „B2B Communication and web 2.0“ – this was unfortunately just about fb and twitter
  • Walking through mostly every hall – a bit too much hardware in my sense
  • Receiving some information about Online shops and E-Commerce – especially payment protection and main principles (do it simple)
  • Getting free coffee, water and sweets – the coffee was „delicious“ ;)
  • Listening to „Mobile Livehacking“ – very interesting, trust no one

Update: Hallo Welt! GmbH interviewed us very shortly – you can see my contribution in the following:

Quick trip to Prague in January

At the beginning of the year a bunch of people (Marlene, Christian, Christoph, Jule, Sergej, Micha and me) have been on a trip to Prague for a night out and sightseeing. Unluckily the first thing that happened outside on the street was Christian getting robbed, however it was just a lighter after leaving the hotel.

The Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the historical city center – which is world cultural heritage by the way – have been the most interesting places. To be honest, there was not much time left to visit all of Prague during two days.

There are two ways of going out in Prague.
The cheap way: Pubs and clubs that look usual and quaint, filled with mostly residents. The pint costs about 1 euro.
The tourist way: Hard Rock Cafe & Co … the pint costs about 2 to 4 euro.

We tried both ;)

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